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DK Advanced Skincare LLC - Specializing in Advanced Clinical Skin Resurfacing/Anti-Aging
       DK Advanced Skincare LLC ,  
    is an independent skin 
resurfacing and rejuvenation clinic.
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Our goal is to provide you with clinical grade products and treatments that will promote change in your skin. 

Our products are highly concentrated clinical- professional products that provide a level well beyond over-the-counter remedies.   It takes appropriate clinical treatments and professional-only products, We provide, to properly and safely achieve maximum results. 

You may purchase our products through our product purchase link, to your left.

Beginning with a skin assessment, we utilize our professional skin scanner to establish the cause of your skin condition.  Only then is it possible to make recommendations in the way we can work together for maximum results.

We also provide Botox, Dysport, Restylane, Juvederm Ultra Plus and Perlane fillers through our Physician Dr. Jeffery Meahara (Only at our Honolulu Location.)  Call for details!

Don't forget to check out our treatments link, we always have alternatives to the traditional spa or medi-spa.  Hope to see you!

By Appointment Only Both locations:
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